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No-slick non-slip body lotion Scientifically engineered no-slick formula for superior pole performance, because healthy skin grips better naturally. Now with new packaging!

NO Mineral oils NO SLS NO Propylene Glycol NO Silicones or silicone derivatives NO Parabens NO Petrochemicals NO Artificial fragrances or colours NO Animal Testing

Certified organic extracts to visibly tone the appearance of your skin.

 Keeps skin looking toned and moisturised

 Contains green tea extract, naturally rich in antioxidants

 Gives skin a more radiant and supple appearance

 Contains arnica extract to naturally soothe and nurture the skin

 Use regularly after Pole training to keep skin looking healthy and the complexion even

 Moisturises the skin for a more even complexion

 Evens out tone and discolouration for healthier looking skin

Arnica & Green Tea: Naturally rich in antioxidants to help give your skin a more radiant and supple appearance. The Arnica extract naturally soothes and nurture's the skin so it's ideal for those polers with sore skin, brass burn & pole kisses

Pole Physics Arnica Lotion

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