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Workshop Fees & Class Packages Mini Term starts 29th November 2021

Pole Perfect Term 5 Mini Xmas Term 2021

Fee schedule -

Casual Rate Worksops 60mins $38.50

Handstand Workshop 60 mins $ 38.50

Bendy back Workshop 90 mins $ 55.00

Gymnastics Workshop 90mins $55.00

Aerial Cube Workshop 90mins $57.50

Xmas Mini Term Workshop Fee break down

Term Starts 29th November 2021 Term Ends 24 December 2021

End of year finale fees for the 4 week mini term

Standard class packages -

15 classes @$25.00 per class = $ 375.00 -

10 classes @$30.00 per class = $ 300.00 -

@$35.00. per class = $ 175.00 -

Aerial cube class is a speciality class and price will be separate to our causal rates and above packages.

to add this class pricing is as follows:

Casual rate $57.50 for 90 min

15 pack class holders $30.00 per aerial class

10 pack class holders $40.00 per aerial class

5 pack class holders $50.00 per aerial class

Please note: *this class is in addition to all packages and current casual rates and is to be purchased separately.

prices above.

*Gymnastics and Bendy back classes are included in packs for the mini term they are 90 minute classes which is a huge saving and benefit as standard classes run for 60 mins.

Look forward to seeing you all in class and trying new things

Love Scarlet ❤ Xx

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